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Alongside knowing the user you're designing for, a unique quality of working with a next generation context in mind is how everyday design decisions can be supported by also knowing the world that you're designing for.

After its founding, one of the first pieces of work Adobe's Machine Intelligence Design team shared externally was version one of “language gap” essay—now published as chapter two in this series. It wasn't intended as a series, but as the team continued exploring it increasingly felt like there was more of the story to unpack, and more of this narrowed-language-gap-world to get to know.

Throughout the writing process, it was a priviledge to notice my thinking connect to a number of people and moments without whom this work wouldn't exist:

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Archie Bagnall is a Lead Experience Designer, AI/ML at Adobe Design. His projects explore the ways that artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can empower our creativity, both today and in the future.

Originally from England, Archie started his career as a Graphic Designer for in-house teams in Paris (France) and then London. He now resides in California, where before joining Adobe Design he served as President for Orange County's chapter of AIGA, the largest professional association of designers in the world. He loves seeing and helping creatives grow in their professional journeys.